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Ancient World

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Map Trek- Ancient World is an excellent app to go along with any ancient history curriculum or Bible study. I found this app to be informative and interesting. By providing the text boxes and quizzes, it makes this app more than just an atlas. I believe that any time you can get the kids truly interested in geography, you have a winning teaching aid. The pictures and additional information provide this piece to the puzzle.

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Have you ever been teaching a history lesson when one of your children pipes up with a question. "Mom, is Carthage a city in Oregon or some other country?" Oh dear, you think to yourself and then calmly explain, "Honey, first of all, Oregon is a state, not a country. And Carthage no longer exists, but I think it was located on the northern tip of Africa across the Mediterranean Sea from Italy." After receiving two or more questions along this vein, you realize that you need some better resources.

Actually, you only need ONE!

Ancient World

Map Trek: Ancient World mobile application is a historical atlas and geography encyclopedia in one. Map Trek allows you to teach geography alongside history. This is a resource that any parent or student can use with brilliant success, even if you don't remember a thing from your history or geography classes in school.

Grab your children by the hand. It's time to explore our world throughout history. And what better place to start than with the ancient time period.

Here is the full list of maps that are included in the first volume of Map Trek - Ancient World (There will eventually be 4 apps in the Map Trek series):

Ancient World

* World Map (landforms)
* Descendants of Noah
* Mesopotamia
* Sumerians
* Called Out from Ur
* Abraham's Journey
* Ancient Africa
* Old Kingdom of Egypt
* Ancient Egypt
* The Exodus
* Early Greece
* The Promised Land
* 12 Tribes of Israel
* The Assyrian Empire
* Israel's Golden Age
* Phoenicia's Trading Empire
* Solomon's Kingdom
* Israel's Divided Kingdom
* Ancient India
* Ancient China
* The Founding of Rome
* Babylonian Empire
* The Persian Empire
* Greco-Persian Wars
* Golden Age of Greece
* Ancient Europe
* Alexander the Great
* The Punic Wars
* Palestine during the time of Christ
* The Early Church
* The Roman Empire
* The Roman Empire Divided
* Barbarian Invasions

Since these maps are chronological in sequence, you may use them easily with any chronological history program. These maps are meant to enhance your current history program and make it even better.

General Instructions:

  • Swipe horizontally to move along the timeline to select a map
  • Tap markers (i.e.: pins and flags) for details

MapTrek Ancient World

Read more about how to use this content filled app combining history and geography on Terri's Take

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