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Wonders of Old New World Timeline Educational Apps

Over 100 historical events from 1600 to 1865 for Wonders of Old: New World Timeline. Made possible by Knowledge Quest, Inc.

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Wonders of Old: New World Timeline is a beautiful timeline reference app which will give you a unique perspective on the events of world history, including:

  • famous people
  • significant events
  • battles
  • explorations
  • literature
  • and so much more!

It is a proven fact that timelines help cement historical facts for students and adults alike. Seeing the progression of time in the form of a timeline will allow your student to gain a better understanding of the flow of history. Maps are included so that students can see where events happened as well.

The truth is... many students may study Abraham Lincoln becoming President of the United States and the American Indians fighting the US army for land, never realizing that these two events all happened within the same year - 1860AD. These events may seem unrelated and yet the use of a timeline can unlock the mystery as to why all of these events occurred within the same year. A timeline will give you and/or your student a unique perspective of time. By seeing the events of history recorded in linear progression, you will make connections between those events in history that you might not otherwise make.

Wonders of Old is a 4-part app series, dividing the events of world history into four historical time periods: ancient, medieval, new world and modern. Wonders of Old: Medieval Timeline is the second app in this series.

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This is a joint app between iHomeEducator, Inc. and Knowledge Quest, Inc.

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