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iLiveMath1234 Web App Lite

Try our free web app. Run it from any browser on a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


This is a sample web app with a reduced number of photos and operational types. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Browser support only.


In addition to the App Stores our iLiveMath1234 app series is also available as a web app. This will allow you to run the app from any browser whether from a PC, tablet, or smartphone. First select an operation type from the menu and a problem will appear with a selection button, submit button, and appropriate graphic.

  • Read the problem and select an answer and click "Submit"
  • Select the button for the the next problem
  • Repeat

Additional functional buttons include:

  • Return to operations menu list
  • Refresh correct and total counter (top right)
  • Send results via email
  • Shuffle problems in a particular operations group for review and reinforcement
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