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EdScout in Top 10 Review

Geography Lesson Plan


The student will explore world geography through the pan and zoom functions of the app. The student is prompted to find a specific region on the map. If the student cannot find a region, the search function will aid the student in locating the region. The search function will automatically highlight the region in yellow for the student to tap on. Supplementary information can be studied below the map.

  • Beginner Option 1: The student can answer 10, 20, 30, or more questions - The primary goal is for the student to explore. Have the student email in their report to the educator as a benchmark.
  • Intermediate Option 2: The student can answer 10, 20, 30 or more correctly - The primary goal is for the student to learn the regions. Have the student email in their report to the educator so the assessment can be analyzed for targeted teaching.
  • Advanced Option 3: The student should answer the questions - read the summary - and make observations of the neighboring regions, continent, etc. Have the student email in their report and type in their own observations within the report. What did they learn that was new? What observations did they make?

Multi-Dimensional Learning

EdScout adds multi-dimensional learning to assessment by:

  • Exploring through panning, zooming, tapping, and reading
  • Empowering students to "scout out" the answer.
  • Answering questions through tapping on a 2-dimensional image versus a set of multiple choice answers
  • Providing supplementary educational material for learning, to improve cognitive reading skills, whether the student has answered incorrectly or correctly
  • Typing and searching for a region which will automatically zoom in and highlight the region, building basic typing skills, plus the student can then zoom-out to understand the neighboring regions, continent, etc..

Note: Educational material is loaded from the Wikimedia Foundation cloud via an Application Programming Interface (API). All the links have been removed from the data to keep the student secure within the app so only the summary material about the region is shown.

True Story: EdScout

Our 2nd and 4th grader are huddled on the coach with the iPad playing with EdScout...

"Dad we're playing with EdScout USA", says our 4th grader...

"Don't use search yet, Let's try to find it ourselves.", says the 2nd grader to the 4th grader... a few minutes later...

"YES!! I found it!", 2nd grader as he raises his fist in the air victoriously.

"Dad, I found three states without using search!", accomplished 2nd grade student... learning through EdScout.

For Dad - this moment was priceless - we hope your students benefit from EdScout too - For ages 7 and up (even through adults).

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PlanItWisely Student Information System

The EdScout Series helps students learn by locating different regions through zooming, panning, tapping, and reading. The app was developed specifically to help our children learn about world geography. We also wanted to capture "low-stakes" assessment quiz reports to help us baseline their knowledge for supplementary teaching. Through daily and weekly assessment we can then gauge their improvement and keep a record of their progress via quiz reports.

"EdScout empowers the student to scout out answers on a map through exploration."

To answer a question: The child "scouts" out the region across the map and taps on the region itself versus pick an answer from a pick list or a limited set of multiple-choice answers. The app presents an interactive real-world picture where context to oceans and continents are maintained and a student must pick from many possible regions. For example we wanted to simulate teaching from a wall map or book... where a teacher asks students to find a country or state by pointing at the map... In EdScout the tapping on the map triggers a pop-up label and educational content.

Geographic context is maintained.

Learn by...

  • Tapping on regions of the map.
  • Reading about the selected region.
  • Searching to highlight a region.
  • Find the prompted region to test your knowledge
  • Your results are tallied and quiz reports can be emailed to a teacher.
  • No Ads.
  • No Social Networking links.
  • Supplementary wiki information is loaded and presented for educational purposes. Links are removed for security.
  • Internet access is required to load supplementary wiki data only.
  • App quiz, map, and images function without internet access.
  • Outgoing Email is used (i.e.: quiz, referral, and support)