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The last thing they [kids] want to do is sit down in front of a textbook and read about science or do endless math problems. Don't despair, there's an App for that! Do you know the difference between a troop of animals and a troupe? Or, that a group of rhinos is called a Crash? And, what is behind the term, "get your muster up?" Could it have something to do with a group of peacocks? If you have the iLiveMath Animals of Africa, you would already be in the know on facts like these.

The St Louis Homeschooling Examiner

Anything that makes my 8 year old want to do math, especially word problems, is great in my book. The animal theme really appeals to her, and sneaks in learning about animal groups.

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What do we think of this app? Love it. I love getting my kids working with time word problems, and after studying China a couple of years ago, they like seeing some of the Chinese Zodiac problems. Richard, appropriately enough, was born in the Year of the Monkey. Anyway, they like being able to comment on who in our family was born in the Year of the Whatever... so those problems are ones they look forward to.

Footprints in the Butter

iLiveMath Animals of Africa, Asia, and Winter Sports Review


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iLiveMath Key Differentiators

iLive Series Key Differentiators:

  • Automated Grading: Teachers and Parents use auto-generated email and blogs to keep track of student progress.  Examples of recorded grammar app tests and math app tests show how questions are randomly compiled and how the test captures the student's correct, incorrect answers, the final percentage/count scores, and answer key.
  • Universal Apps: Most all of the educational apps for the iPad also run on the iPhone and iPod Touch as universal apps however we are starting to experiment with dedicated Educational iPad Apps which will allow us to maximize the features and functions of the iPad.

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The iLiveMath Series uses vibrant images and cross-curricular topics including ocean life, space, bees, and animals blended with math word problems and more. The series is used globally to help students between 1st and 8th grade to live math concepts through science and related topics.

The original series was developed for iOS devices and in the beginning of 2013 a new complementary series was released for iOS and Android devices. iLiveMath1, 2, 3, and 4 are broken down into grades aligned with Common Core State Standards for mathematics.

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iLiveMath (Original iOS Versions)

The iLiveMath App Series integrates different themes such as animals, transportation, and fun topics which will blend math with the world. Going beyond math equations and flash cards, iLiveMath will test students with illustrative questions. Students will be challenged with their applied math skills.

Each Spans K through 6th Grade with three levels of difficulty and are universal

iLiveMath Oceans

math app

Animals of Africa and Asia

iLiveMath Animals of Africa

math app

iLiveMath Animals of Asia

math app

Transportation Trio

iLiveMath Speed

math app

iLiveMath Trains

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iLiveMath Ford Cars

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Agriculture and Entomology

iLiveMath Farm Fresh

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iLiveMath Entomology

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