iLiveMath1, 2, 3, and 4 are redesigned to run across iOS, Android devices, and any web enabled computer. The first set of apps focus on helping students in 1st through 4th grade. Try iLiveMath1234 Lite which is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon for free, and is a web app. Amazon provides free online web trails for iLiveMath1 and 2. Free download trials are also available on Barnes & Noble Nook.

As with other iLive apps:

  • Problems are presented randomly with associated photos.
  • Pick lists are popped up and answers are submitted to be checked for correctness.
  • All incorrect and correct answers are tallied and results can be emailed to the instructor.


iOS Demo

Android Demo

iLiveMath4 for 4th Grade


iLiveMath3 for 3rd Grade


iLiveMath3 for 3rd grade. iLiveMath3 Facebook Album

iLiveMath2 for 2nd Grade


iLiveMath2 for 2nd grade. iLiveMath2 Facebook photo album

iLiveMath1 for 1st Grade

iLiveMath1-6 is based upon the original award-winning iLiveMath series. The new design focuses on each operation type and addresses the need to follow Common Core Standards for math assessment.


iLiveMath1 for 1st grade. iLiveMath1 Facebook photo album