• Quiz Data Set - actual question and answer, word and definition, or fill-in-the blank data pairs that are used to generate a random quiz.
  • Quiz - the randomly generated questions with multiple choice answers. Quizzes are randomly generated from the Quiz Data Set and therefore different each time they are run.
  • Quiz Engine - the program logic that generates the Quiz from the Quiz Data Set
  • Quiz Results - The automatically graded quiz report. The report can be emailed at anytime in the quizzing process.


  • First tap the left hand 'Quiz' icon to get started.
  • Add quiz data sets locally on your device using the "+" sign in the top right. These are stored locally and private.
  • Name your quiz data set and then enter 20 question and answer pairs. These can also be word and definition pairs or fill-in-the-blank pairs. For best results you will need to fill in all twenty data sets. Note that these data sets are then used to generate a randomized quiz. Remember the answers should be unique. Since our quiz engine generates a multiple choice quiz using the answers, all answers need to be unique or your quiz will not function properly.
  • Delete quiz data sets using the "Edit" button or by swiping across the row from left to right.
  • Images (JPG, PNG, GIF) can be specified for each question and answer pair where appropriate through a public URL. Keep image sizes to a reasonable size (~200 to ~400 pixels) for optimal loading speed. Internet access will be required.


  • Tap the green "Run Quiz" button on any of the quiz data sets.
  • The student can take a randomly generated quiz or an ordered quiz. An ordered quiz will test the 20 questions in order and repeat the process until the student decides to stop.
  • The quiz taker can stop at anytime by tapping the 'home' button or the 'tally button'.
  • Tap the silver tally button at the top to email the quiz results to a teacher or yourself for follow-up.
  • A white board has been added for the iPad release only at this time.
  • Due to the size of the iPhone and iPod Touch the multiple choice buttons are initially hidden providing room for the question and possible image. Show the four possible answers by tapping 'show'.



  • Sharing of quiz data sets will require signup to our service. This is a hosted service and therefore a subscription is required.
  • Note there is no charge for emailing quiz results from your local store of quiz data sets. Therefore you can quiz yourself as many times as needed. Sharing of quiz data sets will require access to our subscription service.
  • Tap to upload quiz data sets from your device to the cloud. All quiz data sets are made public and can be modified by others. Others can download, modify and upload their modified quiz data set.
  • Tap to download quiz data sets from the cloud list of data sets.
  • Tap to remove quiz data sets from the cloud list of data sets. Only the user that uploaded the data set can remove it from the cloud. This is possible only if the original quiz still exists on the device so that we can look up the quiz ID, which helps us identify the original user.
  • For those that don't have time to create their own quiz data sets: Read-Only quiz data sets will be uploaded by us intermittantly (i.e.: SAT Vocab Lists, etc..). We will send push notifications when new quiz data sets are uploaded and made available to those that have a subscription to our service.
  • Note we will occassionally review public quiz content, and reserve the right to remove inappropriate material or consolidate duplicated data.


  • Collaborate with families and schools to help assess learning in our students on our Discussion Board.
  • If you have a large set of quiz data sets you would like to upload into a public folder please contact us directly.
  • If you are a school and would like to discuss an Enterprise wide installation that is private to your school please contact us directly.
  • We are also considering a student version which does not allow access to the quiz data sets and only generates the quiz.

Subject to Change