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As a parent, I created Fun Educational Apps, a family app for kids review site, as a way to help parents, educators and teachers to discover great apps. Together with the kids, we try new apps on an ongoing basis. Either we find apps that sound great or we get contacted by app developers. We do receive codes from developers, but it does not influence our reviews. We never charge fees for reviews. Our goal is to share with you the ones that we liked, the ones that benefit kids’ education and the ones that catch kids’ attention. Our judgement is based on real trials of the apps we feature and only publish reviews of the one we liked.

We test a large selection of educational and game apps. Our apps for kids reviews include book apps, maths apps, game apps, travel apps, fun apps … and much more.

We hope our reviews will help you select the best apps for your kids. Have fun and embrace these new technologies as a support to kids’ fun learning.

Original Review at Fun Educational Apps

The iLiveMath™ series will help your kids practice their math word problems in a fun, lively and interactive way.

When I first presented iLiveMath™ to my kids I did not know what to expect. As with any math apps, I am always looking for the one that will catch their attention, encourages them one step further and stimulate the desire to learn. I must admit that the iLiveMath™ series of fun educational math apps was a great success. The first one we tried was the iLiveMath™ Speed. Since they really enjoyed the word problems we then moved on and downloaded others. Each app can be played again and again, and what I really like is the fact that each time you start there is a new set of questions. Kids really have to work on every question. The great pictures kept their interest going.

iLiveMath™ apps provide a mean of personalized learning and collaboration between students from kindergarten through middle school. Each iLiveMath™ fun educational math apps offers different levels of study. You can easily choose according the need and level of your children.

iLiveMath™ series has been developed by iHomeEducator and goes beyond math equations and flash cards. iLiveMath™ allows student to approach math problems with illustrative questions. Each iLiveMath™ math apps is packed with multimedia photos, videos, sounds to engage students in understanding addition, subtraction, rate, distance, time, etc...

Benefits of iLiveMath™ apps:

  • Teach math, reading, and science.
  • Offer basic to advanced mathematics
  • Include addition, subtraction, and multiplication as well time, speed, rate distance and include mph, km/h, knots, Mach, speed of sound, Supersonic, Hypersonic, etc...
  • Well written questions help improve reading comprehension and science concepts..
  • Help your kids master math word problems