Sacramento, CA    Sep 24, 2010

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[] Sacramento, California - iHomeEducator today is pleased to announce the release of iLiveMath Entomology 4.0, which features ~100 photos, ~40 videos, and ~1 million word problem/answer combinations teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and basic geometry across three levels of difficulty.

"With a child in elementary school who is doing math word problems, we find the iLiveMath series an enriching way to supplement our math homework. Not only are we improving our math skills, but the stunning photographs open up entire subjects for discussion. Using iLiveMath Entomology, we were so fascinated with photographs of bees, bugs and spiders that we ended up trying to count the insects in our own garden." - Lorraine Akemann, Moms With Apps

"I wanted to share iLiveMath with my students at school, but did not want to give them access to my iPad. My school has a Promethean Board so after collaborating with iHomeEducator we can now share the teaching content with all my kids using the projector! I teach several units wrapped around the theme of a continent. At this time we are studying Asia and have iLiveMath Animals of Asia as well as Entomology." - Lisa White, 2nd Grade Teacher, LaSalle II World Language Academy, Chicago, IL

"We are always trying to find ways to get our students to use higher thinking skills to solve everyday problems in order to give them ownership to real life applications. We first purchased iLiveMath Ford Cars and really liked how it blends Math applications with history... We contacted iHomeEducator who worked with us to enhance their apps so that we can display the photograph and the word problems using our existing SMART board projectors. Now an entire classroom can benefit from the content and teachers are provided an answer key. My students love the iLiveMath Entomology app too. I would also like to say that iLiveMath apps provide a huge amount of content enriched vocabulary which has in turn extended a simple math lesson into several cross-curricular lessons. We have the entire iLiveMath series and look forward to more from iHomeEducator." - Richard Stevens, Principal, Kitzmiller Elementary, Kitzmiller, MD

Using the Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter the teacher can control the app as well as display the word problem and photograph on an external projector. The adapter does not mirror the app display but instead pushes the photo and word problem content to the external screen while the answer and formula is given to the teacher within a pop-up view on the device. At the end of the session the teacher can email the test problems and answers for future classroom grading and record keeping. Test results can also be posted to a public or private blog. The Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter is supported by the iPad, iPhone 4, and iPod touch (4th generation). All iLiveMath apps ported to 4.0 will support this new adapter.


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