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New Calendar Dashboard in iPlan Series 2.2.0.



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iPlanLessons: Tutorial Lesson 1

iPlanLessons: Tutorial Lesson 2

(with Arlene Lee, credentialed teacher, homeschool mom, and co-founder of iHomeEducator)

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"At first, I was a little overwhelmed because I could not quite figure out how to work it; however, iHomeEducator has great tutorials for this App and once I watched the tutorials, it was a snap to use." Mom to 2 Monkeys

"I downloaded, created 2 classes for the boys, entered their names, entered their math resources, then copied lessons throughout the month. I had their math and language arts scheduled with my thumbs in less than 5 minutes, pushed the items to my iCal and Google calendar, and printed a report on my computer. 5 Minutes. No Joke." Full Review: iPlanLessons: Petra School

"Just so you know how much I value my iPlanLessons app, it’s on the front page of my iPad, right next to Words With Friends and Bejeweled!" Full Review: Nancy Barth Tutoring

"Before this app, I wasted so much time trying different methods of organizing homeschool information. It took a short time to get a feel for the setup, but then I began to breeze through it! I really like how everything is cross-referenced within this app, & customer service was quick to answer a question I had. Now I have more time for my kids!" AmeriSwede7

Follow along on our support blog: "Journey to lesson planning on the iPad...".

"I just bought this application, and so far I love it. More importantly, "customer service" has been fantastic. My questions have all been answered promptly. I look forward to the "cloud" to make sharing between devices painless. Keep up the good work. Now-let's link to some standards...:D" Donna S.

"Every time that the folks at iHomeEducator update this program (updates are free), it is 100% better. So right now, at version 1.5, I am finally feeling like there is enough value here to recommend it." Footprints in Butter