I have an iPhone, how do I create resources?

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Friday, December 28 2012, 01:32 AM
A user has an iPhone and asked us a question today about how to create resources. Here is a quick overview of the process. First you will see below a screenshot of the iPhone 5 running iPlanLessons 2.2.2.

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    Friday, December 28 2012, 01:43 AM - #permalink
    One will notice that when tapping on "Lessons" - you will not be able to create "resources" from a lesson. You can however pick from a list of "Resources". On an iPad it is more obvious when one sees the "Resource" button at the bottom... but on an iPhone, where is the "Resource" button?... Please tap on the "more" button which we have highlighted with the yellow arrow (see above)... this will result in the screenshot below.


    Above you will see the Resources row where you can tap to create additional resources.

    Also if you tap the highlighted "Edit" button you can edit your tab bar controller.

    Below we have tapped "Edit" and you can see all your tab bar buttons. You can select-hold-and-drag one to the lower tab bar.


    Here we select the "Resources" tab and drag it to the lower tab bar.


    Then here you can see the "Resources" button is no longer under the "... More" button and moved to the 2nd button. This may be useful if you are starting out a semester and creating a lot of resources. Note the button will stay there as long as the app is running.

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