Yes there is a way to do this through the File Sharing feature in iTunes. The database is accessible and can be backed up as well.
Here are some instructions below:
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    Sunday, December 30 2012, 10:17 PM - #permalink
    Open iTunes on your desktop with your device plugged in.
    Then Select your device (highlighted with the yellow arrow below)

    Select "Apps" - highlighted in yellow

    Scroll down on the page to "File Sharing" - "Apps" - select "iPlanLessons":

    Select the iPlanLessons Document: iPlanLessons.sqllite.
    This database file can be saved to your local computer to back it up.

    The benefits:
    (1) Backup your content
    (2) Pass content to another user
    (3) Pass content across devices
    (4) Backup and Start fresh with new lessons, resources, and students.
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