New Feature: Whiteboard in QuizCloud

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Friday, October 19 2012, 02:57 AM
We added a whiteboard into QuizCloud for students to work on their problems and choose the answer. The tricky part for me was to be able to show enough of the whiteboard and also the multiple-choice answers. After many prototypes I think the results work well.

After testing my 1st grade son with Cupcakes 1: Beginning Algebra... he quickly finished 30 out of 40 problems correctly and had fun with the whiteboard... then emailed me the quiz results which I reviewed and sent to his mother.

The whiteboard is only available today with the iPad and here is another screenshot in portrait mode:

and landscape mode:

The orientation of the whiteboard still allows the user to work the "wooden arrow" next question button and see the word problem. The multiple choice answers also remain visible in both orientations.

I hope educators like this new feature.
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