Tapping iCal button or Calendar Crashes with iPlan

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Friday, December 21 2012, 06:25 AM
In iPlanLessons 2.2.1 we found that the iCal button which pushes a lesson into iCal crashes. This was not a security/privacy issue which was introduced with iOS 6.0.0. This was a threading change that was introduced with iOS 6.0.1. Basically the integration to iCal is now a background thread and presenting the Event form is needed to be on the main thread.

So in short 2.2.1 fixed the iCal problem when running iOS 6.0.1.


Important Note: Watch for the 2.2.2 update which will resolve a Calendar crashing problem in 2.2.1. Otherwise lessons can still be created and there should be no problems with resources, classes, students, and reports. Thanks for your patience.

After the holidays we will be updating the other iPlan apps as Apple has a shutdown for all new app submissions and updates during the holidays.
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    Friday, December 28 2012, 12:59 AM - #permalink
    iPlanLessons 2.2.2 is now available - please let us know if you find other problems. We try to test each release but unfortunately some changes occur in the underlying operating system which cause unexpected problems.
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    Wednesday, December 26 2012, 06:26 PM - #permalink
    iTunes Shutdown for developers is over at the end of this week. Watch for iPlanLessons 2.2.2 to be approved by next week. Thank you for your patience.
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