iLiveMath Key Differentiators

iLive Series Key Differentiators:

  • Automated Grading: Teachers and Parents use auto-generated email and blogs to keep track of student progress.  Examples of recorded grammar app tests and math app tests show how questions are randomly compiled and how the test captures the student's correct, incorrect answers, the final percentage/count scores, and answer key.
  • Universal Apps: Most all of the educational apps for the iPad also run on the iPhone and iPod Touch as universal apps however we are starting to experiment with dedicated Educational iPad Apps which will allow us to maximize the features and functions of the iPad.

Each app in the series will focus on different themes such as animals, countries, special events, and fun topics which will blend math with the world. Going beyond math equations and flash cards, iLiveMath will test students with illustrative questions. Students will be challenged with their applied math skills. This second app will test different levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication, distribution, and averages as well as build a student's confidence in completing word problems.

In Winter Sports, various common and not so common winter sports are used in a fun and educational manner. For example "ice swimming" and "skibobbing" as well as "sledding" and "skating" are used to challenge kids in applied math.

Abby, 11 year old student and Quality Assurance Engineer of the company said with a smile, "I would like to try skibobbing because I love riding my bike and it would be fun to ride it in the snow on skis... I just don't want too sharp of a slope! Thinking about ice swimming makes me shiver so no to ice swimming".

Three levels of difficulty can be configured to help students from first through sixth grade as they move through different operations and challenge the student from addition, subtraction, to multiplication. Averaging concepts are introduced in Level 3 for 2 to 5 numbers.