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PlanItWisely Student Information System

The iPlan Series of apps help plan lessons, homework, essays, science labs, and much more. Each app is developed for a different user type to meet their needs in event, resource, and report tracking. All are universal and run on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

iPlan Series Calendar Dashboard with Bubble-Up Task Status, Priority, Quantity, and Completion indicators

As home educators we realize how difficult it is to juggle meals, income, home economics, and school tasks. The iPlan Series of apps have been developed to improve our productivity and efficiency in our work, home, and education so we have more time for our family. We hope you like these tools and we understand there is no end-all solution for all our planning needs. Therefore we'll continue to strive to move this series forward to help our growing community.


iPlanToWrite Essays, Stories, and Reports

Record resources, notes, and writers for 5-paragraph essays, Stories/Chapters, and Reports/Topics. Keep track of due dates, grades, and run queries against the database for time tracking and reporting. Reports can be emailed and sent to a blog.


iPlanFieldTrips - Imagine walking through a museum with your kids. Grab your phone and begin to use voice dictation to journal a field trip report.... then email your formatted report to share. Pass the phone to your children to talk or type in their reports.


iPlanScienceLabs - A key element of STEM is understanding the process in documenting Science Lab Reports and we felt it was important to continue the iPlan Series with a tool which would enable this process. This app consolidates various sections of a Science Lab from Abstract to Hypothesis to Conclusion and provides a way to link this to the scientist/student, resources, and category of experiment.

iPlanJournal Life Coach

iPlanJournal Life Coach (uses the GROW Coaching Model) - these methods are used for Life and Business Coaching to help coach and coachee. Goal setting and problem solving techniques can be applied to work, school, home, children, marriage, health, fitness, sports, finances, or any topic/theme which can be added. Sessions are logged and can be related to reading references, topic/theme, and who/what entities.

iPlanJournal Quiet Time

iPlanJournal Quiet Time - combines the S.O.A.P model for quiet time and A.C.T.S. model for prayer into a single journal. The Planner also allows journal entries to be logged against a calendar and related to topics, resources, and reasons for prayer requests (Who and What?). One can look back on any of these entities and query previous journal entries for reference. Repeat and copy entries for future study as well. Email and blog entries for sharing thoughts and prayers.


iPlanHomework has been designed for the student and uses the same framework as iPlanLessons. Instead of lessons we wanted to focus on what a student will require to track homework, grades, assignments, tests, quizzes, classes, classmates, teachers, etc...


Plan your lessons, resources, classes, and students. Quickly copy lessons across 1 or more days by week, or by day. Push lessons to iCal and email. Run daily, weekly, and "subject by day" reports for record keeping. Ideal for homeschool record keeping.


Plan purchases as well as budgeting for any custom category such as holiday, birthdays, home, school, sports, camping, travel, anniversaries, weddings, etc... A calendar is included. Push ideas to iCal and email. Run reports on ideas, budgets, and costs by date.