iHomeEducator, Inc. announces iPlanMeals..." this app ROCKS! I am so cooking challenged and this app is amazing."

Currently not for sale and being redesigned

Even though it is taking me a while to get the iplanmeals set up, I just wanted to tell you that this app ROCKS! I am so cooking challenged and this app is amazing. THANK YOU for creating it!

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Enjoy cooking for your family by planning ahead and making sure you have the ingredients you need. iHomeEducator the iOS developer of iPlanLessons and iPlanShopping is pleased to announce a new planner for households to plan meals, track recipes, specify ingredient details, track budgets, and generate shopping lists.

"Sometimes we don't know what to prepare for dinner, or we don't have what is needed to complete a recipe. Shopping for groceries can also be a headache if we don't know what recipes are planned. My desire was to have an app that helped me with these daily meals for my family." Arlene Lee, Chief Mom of iHomeEducator.


Recorded by Arlene our Chief Mom of iHomeEducator... a fantastic chef!


Users should first:

  • Define Recipes - Instructions, notes, tweaks, and prep-time can be specified - Recipes can be linked to custom Categories.
  • Define Ingredients for a Recipe - Specific cooking amounts and purchase amounts can be specified.
  • Ingredients can be linked to a store - for example you may prefer to purchase items at a specific grocery store, warehouse store, or farmer's market.
  • Now go to the calendar or to the Meals tab to create a Daily Menu. This is where you can then assign recipes to breakfast, lunch, snack time, dinner, or dessert.
  • From the calendar Daily Menus can be copied so for example you may decide to have the same menu for every Tuesday.
  • Reports can then be defined which query the Ingredients required for specified daily menu dates.
  • In the report you can also specify the store. This allows you to query only Ingredients which need to be purchased at a particular store. In-stock and Restock status is also specified.

Ingredients Table View

Ingredients are listed in a table with restock and instock status. Also fruit (red), grain (brown), vegetable (green), protein (purple), and dairy (blue) colors have been added to match the standard colors for ChooseMyPlate.gov. Additional colors have been added as well for spices (grey), oil (gold), baking supplies (pink), and other (white).

Ingredients also have various attributes including a distinction between the recipe amount as well as the purchase amount, quantity, budget, cost, and coupon availability.

Tips and Tricks

  • Prep Time - please only insert an integer value for this value (no special characters)
  • Budget and Cost - please only use a floating point number for these numbers (decimal is allowed; no currency symbol is required)
  • Enter your Ingredients from the Recipe form so all ingredients are related to a recipe


The iPlanMeals Database is now accessible through File Sharing so you can backup the database.

Plug in your device into your Laptop with the USB cable. Then open iTunes, select your device, select apps, scroll down to File Sharing. You will see the iPlanMeals.sqlite database. You can select the database and save it to a backup folder. Please do not delete this file.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or updates and email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.