PlanItWisely Student Information System


Field Trip Factory provides free field trips and iPlanFieldTrips™ helps to plan and capture field trip reports on the go.

iPlanFieldTrips™ is part of the iPlan Series. This app provides a way of capturing cross-curricular field trips. Help students and teachers capture valuable information using text and/or voice**. If you are traveling on a field trip this app may be the perfect way to capture educational content for future review. Reports can be emailed and blogged to be shared at a later date.


1 Add Field Trip - What, When, What we learned, recommendations?

2 Add Resources and/or Students

3 Add and Run Reports


iPlanFieldTrips™ Form Fields:
  • Destination
  • What we did?
  • What we saw?
  • What we learned?
  • Best Part?
  • Recommendations?
  • Student?
  • Resources?

iPlanFieldTrips™ contains the following views:

  • Calendar
  • Define Field Trip
  • Define Resource (book, etc...)
  • Topics Definition (type of field trip)
  • Student Definition (who is going?)
  • Report Definition
  • Instructions

**NOTE: All our apps support Voice Dictation with phones that support SIRI. We've highlighted where users can either type or text into the notebook.

Field Trips Blog

Example Reports on our iPlanNotebook Field Trips Blog You can enable this in our app settings and send reports to the public blog to share or create your own private blog.

We plan to take the kids to various museums this spring and summer. So many times there are missed teaching opportunities because we just don't take the time to capture what we have learned while walking through the museum or driving home after a long day. Imagine being able to quickly log your field trip, what you did, what you learned, what you liked, etc... even use your voice to dictate and/or type it in... store this and email it and share it on a blog. We hope you like iPlanFieldTrips.