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iPlanNotebook Science Labs is - A key element of STEM is understanding the process in documenting Science Lab Reports and we felt it was important to continue the iPlan Series with a tool which would enable this process.


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This app provides a structured methodology of journaling for Science Labs. Helping students and teachers capture valuable information using text and/or voice**. Reports can be emailed and blogged to be shared at a later date.

  • Abstract - Often written last; A summary of the experiment: procedure, results, and analysis.
  • Introduction - A description of the scientific background for for the experiment, any previous related experiments.
  • Purpose - Briefly state the reason for performing this experiment.
  • Hypothesis - Describe the theory which will be tested during this experiment and predict what will happen. From a sentence to a paragraph in length.
  • Procedures (Materials and Methods) - This may be a narrative or a list of specific steps. May include an equipment list.
  • Results/Observations - Observed data, list data recordings, date recordings if needed
  • Discussions - Analysis of what results mean and error analysis
  • Conclusions - Restates purpose, hypothesis, and relates the results/observations and discussion. Also describe future experiments or areas of improvement
  • Works Cited - bibliography of sources

NOTE: Because reports use HTML you can use standard HTML mark-up for line breaks or links (See blog for tips and tricks). When listing data use line breaks and/or punctuation such as "," or ";" to separate data value/unit pairs.

iPlanNotebook contains the following views:

  • Calendar
  • Science Lab Report/Notebook Entry Definitions
  • Resource, Publisher, and Author Definition
  • Categories Definition
  • Scientist/Student Definition
  • Report Definition
  • Instructions

**NOTE: All our apps support Voice Dictation with phones that support SIRI. We've highlighted where users can either type or text into the notebook.

Science Labs Blog

Example Reports on our iPlanNotebook Science Labs Blog You can enable this in our app settings and send reports to the public blog to share or create your own private blog.


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