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iHomeEducator, Inc. announces iPlanShopping for Back-to-School, Birthdays, Holiday, Home/School Projects, and Weekly Grocery shopping... Download it today for FREE!

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iPlanShopping - Plan Shopping and Budgets by Retailer and Receivers for birthdays, holidays, sports events, weddings, anniversary, back-to-school, summer break, field trips, trips to see relatives, new shoes, winter sports, summer clothing, or any event - track it, categorize it, budget it, and send reports.

iPlanShopping App: categorize ideas... track retailers, receivers, budget, cost... run reports for daily, weekly, and monthly shopping lists, and budgeting.



If you:

  • have shopping lists written on slips of paper
  • tend to impulse buy items
  • fall behind in holiday, necessity, and school shopping
  • overspend and fall into debt
  • forget to teach children home economics

This app may be beneficial to addressing these problems and more, especially in today's economic climate.


We wanted to help parents and teachers with planning purchases as well as budgeting for any custom category such as holiday, birthdays, home, school, etc...

NOTE: The solution is based upon the same user flow as iPlanLessons to help ease usability

iPlanShopping Blogs


The app has a database where ideas are associated to custom categories, retailers, and receivers. Reports can be run and emailed. Also each report calculates the overall cost of items purchased as compared to your budget.


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User Flow:


Some high-level features include but are not limited to:

Ideas Definition

  • Category Definition
  • Receiver Definition
  • Retailer Definition
  • Reports Definition
  • Instructions

Ideas include:

  • Target Purchase Date
  • Related Category
  • Related Receiver
  • Related Retailer
  • notes
  • Priority: Must-have, Nice-to-have
  • Status: Purchased, Not-Purchased
  • Ideas Search, Filter, Email, and iCal Features:
  • A calendar is included
  • Ideas are color coded with status: Purchased (Green); Not-Purchased (Blue)
  • Ideas can be flagged with a status flag
  • Search is available across Ideas names
  • Filter searches by priority and status
  • Ideas can be selectively pushed to iCal with target date, assignments, and notes.
  • Ideas can be emailed for record keeping, printing, or sent to students as an assignment.
  • Filtered views of Ideas are available for each Category, Receiver, and Retailer
  • items can also be moved to another date
  • Reporting Features:
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly (via 4 weeks) reports can be generated anytime, giving you the flexibility to plan ahead and change the purchasing based upon budgets.
  • The 'By Day' and 'By Week' reports show all ideas or a filtered set of Ideas by a selected Category.
  • Reports can be emailed for record keeping.

Universally runs on the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch

Note to help us continue to support this app we have made it ad supported. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or updates and email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.