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We have been featured on iTunes Educational Spotlight, iTunes Back to School, New & Noteworthy, What's Hot under the Educational iPad category, and Best Math App of 2010 by IEAR (a grassroots I Education App Review community).

Thank you to all our friends and followers!  We love your encouragement and feedback.  We also appreciate all the reviewers, bloggers,, and journalists who took the time to help us shine and a special thanks to the Apple team for making it all possible.  It is an honor to be able to create these apps for your students and children.  Warmest Regards from the iHomeEducator team!


Here's a look back at 2010:

  • November 2009 through January 2010 - the MathSpin Series was released
  • March 24th, 2010 - iLiveMath Animals of Africa is featured on Moms with Apps #appfriday promotion - special thanks to all the MWA indie family friendly developers and a special thanks to the founders (Lorraine and Lynette).  MWA Video with our kids!
  • iLiveMath Animals of Africa is featured by GameClassroom in their Top-10 Education Apps List - a complete surprise!
  • iLiveMath Winter Sports is released after the Winter Olympics
  • Spring 2010 - iLiveMath Animals of Asia is released with time based questions including the Chinese Zodiac animal years for 4 digit subtraction
  • Summer 2010 - iLiveMath Oceans and Speed Universal apps are released
  • iLiveMath Ford Cars is released with mean, median, mode, range, and speed questions using 100+ years of car history with Ford photos.
  • iLiveMath Trains app is released and featured as "App of the Week" by 247moms
  • iLiveMath Speed and Trains - Pragmatic Mom Reviews
  • iLiveMath Farm Fresh - with Color Splashed photos by our kids, Stone Soup counting, and advanced multi-step word problems
  • Labor Day we have a special request from public schools to support VGA projectors
  • iLiveMath Entomology is released with Promethean and SMART Board external VGA cable support
  • iLiveMath Oceans is released with new whale watching photos from our trip to Monterey
  • iLiveMath Animals of Africa is updated with all HD photos, plus cheetah and zebra speed questions
  • iLiveMath Ford Cars - we circle back to add subtraction questions
  • iLiveMath Animals of Asia - more HD photos, more panda photos, more videos
  • Various reviews from our bloggers and reviewers - thank you all!
  • Various New & Noteworthy, What's Hot, and Back to School app features on iTunes (posted to FB)- thank you Apple Review Team!
  • On November 3rd, 2010 we celebrated our 1 year anniversary
  • iLiveGrammar Botany is released November 3rd with macro photography images of flowers and carnivorous plants and topics like photosynthesis as a foundation for grammar.
  • iLiveGrammar Autumn is released in November to feature the science behind Autumn - Leaves changing colors, animals migrating, etc...
  • Nominated for 2010 Best App Award (Best Elementary Math and Language Arts Apps) - Polls closed on December 15th
  • iLiveGrammar Botany - Nominated by I Education Apps Review grassroots community for best primary Language Arts App of 2010
  • December 30th, 2010 - iLiveMath Oceans, Entomology, Farm Fresh, and Speed are voted Best Math App of 2010 by
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