The Bird in the Beret

Asperkids' parents and teachers deserve a "cheat sheet" or short list of those companies whose work really matter (with no compensation to us). And so...we are proud to introduce our next winner: iHomeEducator!!!

iHomeEducator makes educational and practical life skill apps that are creative, cross-curricular and absolutely beautiful. They are intuitive and fun, and make learning contextual and relevant. We encourage you (and your Asperkids!) to explore them all.

Jennifer Cook O’Toole, founder of Asperkids and award winning author "Asperkids" (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2012).

Supporting kids with Asperger Syndrome requires creativity, patience and time. And it can be tough to know which activities, products and services are worth your energy. And money.

At Asperkids, we get it. So, we did the searching for you, and made empowering Asperkids a little easier.

The Asperkids Seal of Awesomeness is awarded to businesses and products that uplift our children, and it cannot be bought. When you see this Seal, trust it. And believe in the Awesomeness of your own Asperkid.

iHomeEducator is proud to be recognized by Asperkids. Thank you for this great honor - This keeps us going!

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